When I was ten years old, I printed my first magazine, totally handmade of course and sold its one and only copy to my sister. At the age of seven, I published my on imaginary newspaper that, in my imaginary country, had the latest circulation. With my first savings from work, I used to buy fanzines, type-set on manual typewriters or even totally handcrafted. Small-time publications but full of passion and love.

Fine Drinking Magazine is created full of love.

“It has to be perfect” I was told, but we felt it should be more human than perfect, full of mistakes and human error. We wish to create a channel of communication and learning, and we want to have that on paper, so we can offer ourselves the bliss of being offline.

Thanos Prunarus is founder and bartender at Baba Au Rum bar in Athens and founder of the Athens Rum Festival. He is also a member of the International Rum Experts.